SEO is Big Business

This week we interviewed an SEO company out of Spokane.  I found some of their thoughts very intriguing.  I’ll get more to that right after the Vegan Article of the Month.  Written by Sharron Tubbs from Michigan.

Sharron Writes:

Spreading some Good healthy vibes over the airwaves

I am not born a vegan because I am a huge carnivore. But ever since I started a radical shift in my food selection, I began to experience some positive change, not just in my physical appearance, but also from deep within me. So aside from losing some extra pounds off the scale, I had this inner glow within me which speaks highly of my health status. Even if I had less protein from meat and dairy, I still manage to stay on top of my game, be creative in my craft and emerge as a person that is full of life. So I thought maybe my kids should feel the same way as I did.

As a father, all I would want to ensure is the optimal health for my family. I would make sure that what they are consuming are healthy vegan fruits and veggies, and that they would only consume organic foods in and outside my house. I admit it was a tough job at first. My kids have had a hard time really in the sudden change and shift to vegan diet. In fact, they cried after they bade goodbye to cookies, sweets, meat, and dairy product. One of my kids even quoted it’s the end of his life.
Good for me, my wife was very supportive about my decision to go on vegan diet for the whole family. She would go searching for some sumptuous vegan diet that she could serve to us. Healthy green leafy vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes and some dressings like balsamic vinegar and etc.

vegan diet
It only took 21 days for my kids to stop struggling against healthy alternative food options. Soon they were craving for more organic smoothies, more tasty green salads than junk foods. On top of that, I saw some really good signs of progress especially by how they look healthy and active.
I know that there are also some dads out there who would prefer to eat healthy food choices for their families. I know that some of them are also facing a battle every time their kids get served by veggies when it’s meal time. If you feel like going out and want to keep it healthy go to a vegan restaurant.  They are becoming more and more popular.

~ Sharron Tubbs


Finishing up with the SEO company from Spokane.  I was shocked to learn how much it costs as well as the duration of time it takes to complete a phase as they call it.  Understanding first hand what a top spot on google can do for a company it’s no wonder they charge that much.  The trick this Spokane company stressed was finding a company that was good at it.  Having locations all over the United states they encouraged you run some searches before hiring a company.  They have locations in several different cities such as Minneapolis SEO, Salt Lake and dozens of other areas.

When I asked what happens if a customer can’t afford the monthly charge they explained to me they tend to work with a customer to fit their budget.  If the monthly fee is out of the customers realm, they will cut the payments down and spread them over a longer period of time.  Thank you for your time Colorado Springs SEO.