Marketing your Vegan Business

The Power of Free Samples in Marketing
Since companies spend time and money to produce goods, why are they so keen to give free samples? Is it not equivalent to throwing all the money and effort away? If you are thinking in those lines, you are very far from the truth. The fact is that free samples (or promotional merchandise) are a very effective marketing tool that every company should consider using.
Introducing a new product
If you are launching a new product or a variation of a product that has been in the market, giving free samples is one of the most powerful tools you could use to give your customers a taste of what the new product is like. While some people will immediately want to purchase a product whose free sample they have received, giving such samples also helps the company obtain quick feedback. If the product is popular, the company can then produce it en masse.
For brand building
A company that has no qualms about giving free samples actually sends the message that it is very confident of what it has produced and is therefore assured of getting great feedback. By displaying confidence, the company is using the free sample to tell people about its true character and this is the cornerstone of brand building.
Generate additional publicity
Since freebies are offered in public places (streets, shopping malls, etc) they immediately generate publicity. Apart from the public that witnesses the actual event, it sometimes happens that such events end up in the press. Today, it is most probable that such an event will end up in social media as friends talk about it and discuss your product.
For stock clearance
Companies also give free samples when they want to clear some items of stock. This could happen when the company wants to introduce a different version of the product or simply to generate additional demand for slow-moving products. Experience has shown that people are easily tempted to purchase products once they get free samples. To make this effective, some companies do not just give free samples but also accompany them with generous discounts.
To target new customers
If a company’s products are performing badly in a certain location, one way to acquire customers would be by giving free samples. It is easier to tell people about the greatness of a product by letting them test it rather than using other marketing methods.